Category: Meetings Room Reserved for Tim Moulton (2nd Floor)


24 hours

Room Reservation

Tim Moulton is scheduled to use of the Meeting Room - 2nd floor
- entire area on July 30, 2023, at 11:00 AM.

Requesters phone: (585)-465-1252
Requesters email: Meeting Date: July 30, 2023, Start time: 11:00 AM End time: 6:00 PM
Attendees: 45
Entrances: Yes
Acknowledgement of reservation requirements: Yes Additional Info:

Tim Moulton is the BBFD Member and requester of this room who is responsible for:
- You are responsible for your guests
- You will ensure that children will not be left unattended
- You must be present at all times during the event
- You must instruct your guests to use the back row parking spots in rear
- You must ensure there are at least 40 parking spots left available for alarms
- You may block open the inner front door if doors are not unlocked
- You must leave the facility in the same condition as or better than the way you found it
- You must ensure that the facility is secure when you leave

- If your function requires the use of the dishwasher and you have not been instructed in its operation, contact the House Committee Chairperson or their designee for instructions and for the padlock combination.