What are the point requirements?

Service Point Requirement

ServiceQuarterly Service Points
0 through 2 years19 Total:  8 Minimum from drills.
3 through 5 years16 Total: 5 Minimum from drills.
6 through 9 years15 Total:  4 Minimum from drills.
10 years or more14 Total:  3 Minimum from drills.

Alarm Requirements

a. On a quarterly basis, each Active Member shall be subject to a 10% minimum alarm requirement. This requirement applies to all active members however Life Members shall be subject to a 5% minimum alarm requirement

b. An Active Member not making their required percentage for a quarter will receive written notification of delinquency and must achieve the required percentage for the next quarter or they may be dismissed from the organization or may request a change of status if eligible. 

c. The Vice President will report to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis, any members that did not achieve the required percentage. Any member who has not achieved the required percentage on a quarterly basis will be notified in writing, email, or text message of their delinquency each quarter.