What Committees help to support BBFD?

Committee Name / EmailDescription
Account Requests [email protected] Chair: Julie Skipper

Used for requests for creation of BBFD accounts for new members

Accounts Payable [email protected] Chair: Norb Wolf

BBFD payment clerks, assistant treasurer and treasure use this group to receive invoices or queries from vendors. Association treasurer is the chair.

Active [email protected] Chair: Richard Tantalo

Matches BBFD roster of active members. Chief uses this group for mailing to all active members. Use of the group for mailing restricted to line officers.

Annual Open House [email protected] Chair: Richard Tantalo, Bill Morris

Plans and provides for the annual open house at station 1.

Rich Tantalo, BM Morris, Dan Adams, Mark Alberts, Carlos Bonafonte, Ian Johnson, Chris Noyes, Sal Tantalo, Bob Winnick

Apparatus Replacement [email protected] Chair: Sal Tantalo

Anything related to vehicle purchase is this committee’s task – specifications, RFP, vendor selection and financing. Only members can use the group email.

Assistant Chief, Chiefs, Captains, Trustees, Treasurer

Audit [email protected] Chair: Ian Johnson, Steve Page

Advisory to the Board of Directors

Ian Johnson, Steve Page

Banquet [email protected] Chair: Steve Page

Manages association annual banquet

Steve Page Ben Cheung, Steve Evanitsky

Beverage [email protected] Chair: Ian Johnson

Manages all aspects of beverage to keep stocked for the members – purchasing, storing, and stocking the cooler with beer, pop, and water.

Ian Johnson, Dave Gutzmer, Rob 011ino, Ben Tuyn

BOD [email protected] Chair: Bill Morris

BBFD Board of Directors

By Laws & Policy Review [email protected] Chair: John Haak

Review and suggest changes as needed to our Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

John Haak, Tom Kayser, Craig Weise

Census Web Form Submission [email protected] Chair: Bill Morris

Census web form

Code of Conduct Chair: Chris Noyes

Chris Noyes, Bill Morris, Rich Tantalo, Mark Alberts, Sal Tantalo

Computer Committee [email protected] Chair: Julie Skipper

While some services are outsourced to professional organizations, the Computer Committee oversees the IT resources of the Department including PCs, tablets, the public-facing website and this Members Portal website.

Julie Skipper, Jason Bendix, Steve Evanitsky, Tim Forsythe, Mike Krause, Dan Mack, Ray Passmore, Svend Rummel, Dan Stafford, John Malzewski

Donations [email protected] Chair: Bill Morris

Used for Donation management – ie. all users who should get emails related to donations

Executive Committee Chair: Bill Morris

Bill Morris, Chris Noyes, Rich Tantalo, Mark Alberts, Sal Tantalo

Family Drill / Picnic family [email protected] Chair: Ian Johnson

Organizing the summer event.

Ian Johnson, Steve Pascuzzi

Fire Prevention / Tours [email protected] Chair: Ahmad Manasra

Provides station tours and fire prevention education

Ahmad Manasra, Bob Winnick, Dan Adams, Dave Clark, Dave Penrose, Dan Stafford, Ben Cheung

Fitness [email protected] Chair: Steve Pascuzzi

Members support who support the exercise room and program of the association.

Steve Pascuzzi, Carlos Bonafonte, Corey Gavette, Laney Johnson, Ahmad Manasra

Fund Drive [email protected] Chair: Bill Morris

Members responsible for association mailings related to donations

William Morris, Colleen Fullone

Golf Tournament [email protected] Chair: Richard Tantalo

Organizes golf tournament

Line Officers

Grants [email protected] Chair: Julie Skipper

Committee researches and submits applications for funding various fire department functions or equipment.

Julie Skipper, Tim Forsythe, Colleen Fullone, Craig Weise

Historical / Memorial Wall Plaques [email protected] Chair: Mark Alberts, Ian Johnson

Authorizes wall plaques and other items of historical interest to the association.

Mark Alberts, Ian Johnson , Corey Gavette, Steve Evanitsky

House Committee [email protected] Chair: Richard Gulick

Station 1 members managing facility and grounds

Richard Gulick, Ray Beardsley, Matt Dennstedt, Nick Holley, Tom Kayser, Jeff Mangini, Ben Tuyn, Craig Weise

House Committee 2 Chair: Steve Page, Ian Johnson

Oversees facility and grounds for Station 2

Steve Page, Ian Johnson

Line Officers [email protected] Chair: Richard Tantalo

BBFD line officer mail group

Membership [email protected] Chair: Chris Noyes

Recruiting and retention of members

Chris Noyes, Steve Evanitsky, John Haak, Laney Johnson, Tom Kayser, Dave Penrose, Mark Alberts, Ed Wihlen, Jeff Mangini, Kaye Cunningham

Nomination [email protected] Chair: Steve Page

Manages association nomination and voting process

Steve Page

Parades [email protected] Chair: Ben Tuyn, Adam Bestram

Organizes members for participation in community parades

Ben Tuyn, Adam Bestram, Nick Holley

Public Relations [email protected] Chair: Richard Tantalo

Supports public relations and social media for the association

Rich Tantalo, Jay Hunter, Ian Johnson, Todd Bane, Tim Moulton, Ben Tuyn

Records Chair:
Room Reservations [email protected] Chair: Craig Weise

Administrators of meeting rooms

Service Award Events [email protected] Chair:

Manages association awards and associated events

Ben Cheung, Kyle Strack, LJ Sutherland

Steak Roast [email protected] Chair:

Annual steak roast


Sunshine [email protected] Chair: Ray Beardsley

Notices to Sunshine Committee members of member and member family life events

Ray Beardsley, Dan Adams, Ben Cheung

Ways And Means [email protected] Chair: Ken Love

Does long range planning and capital expense forecasting

Ken Love, Sal Tantalo, Ray Passmore, Dave Patt

Website [email protected] Chair: Steve Evanitsky

Steve Evanitsky, Jay Hunter, Mike Krause, Dan Mack, Tim Moulton

Widow Liaison Chair: Bill Morris

Bill Morris